{15% off}Knownhost coupon September 2016 with review

There are many VPS providers available but the million dollar question is will you VPS actually support your site from going down in times of heavy traffic.

If you’d like a discount on the VPS plans then you can use this link and the coupon KH15LIFE.

Knownhost is one of the most well known VPS services around. They are known to be reliable, fast and provide great and consistent customer service.

With every package you order comes:

  • You get round the year 24 hour support, every single day of the week. 5/5 for the excellent support they always provide.
  • Knownhost VPS comes with the best uptime possible. Uptime refers to the time your host is down. If the host is down, so will your website be. Some hosts go down for hours on end but with Knownhost VPS you will have the best uptime.
  • 9% Service Level Agreement
  • If your website gets frequently attacked by bots then it could take your site down. Such attacks are known as DDOS attacks. However this VPS provides protection from that as well.
  • Free Backups & Free Migrations
  • Instant Provisioning
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • It comes with root access which is an administrator level log on, which lets you take complete control of the server allowing you to host multiple websites, install server wide applications, edit any file on the server etc. However, root access isn’t essential for everyday use or normal activities.
  • Operating system- CentOS
  • They also take free backups for you. So under any unforeseen circumstances you don’t stand to lose the data.
  • Server optimization resources

Let’s see what the VPS package provides. If you go for a plan from VPS level 2 onwards you get the following features:

For VPS level 2

  1. 16+ CPUs
  2. Guaranteed 2.25 GB RAM
  3. 75GB diskspace
  4. 600 GB Bandwidth

For VPS level 3 you get guaranteed 3GB RAM with 85 GB space on hard disk. At level 7 you get 8GB of RAM with 180 GB as hard disk space.

Here’s an overview of all the plans available so you can make a wise decision.


Do note that additional discounts are available when purchasing a quarterly or yearly plan.

All the VPS servers are located in the United States with three specific locations namely Texas, New Jersey and good ol’ California. It’s advisable to choose a location that’s nearest to you.

Facts about migration

If you are planning to move your site from another server to Knownhost then it can take one to two hours for the migration to complete.

They provide free migration and you will be required to provide the following details for the migration to take place.

  1. The C panel URL
  2. Login details to access the C Panel.

After the migration is done, it normally takes 24 hours for the nameservers to migrate to the new location.


Compared to any other VPS provider, Knownhost is priced affordably. With the coupon KH15LIFE you also stand to get 15% discount off for life.

How to use the discount coupon and buy a VPS package?

Select any of the packages available and click on order now. You will get this page once you do that.


Click on the option that says use a coupon code and you can enter the coupon there and then click on redeem coupon.

The discount will automatically get applied.


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