[New November 2016] 50 off- Massive Buzzbundle discount and review

Buzzbundle is a clever social media management tool that can automate many things that will bring you additional business. It can help you present your message to the right audience. It can find out the people whom you should be talking to by scouring the depths of social media.

It’s simple to setup and once you’ve got the hang of it you will make it a part of your everyday life.

It’s often difficult for a new site to get traffic. Even if you keep posting great content, you might be blogging to an audience of crickets. Search engines take a lot of time to give you some love.

Your great content needs to be taken to the audience and that’s exactly what Buzzbundle does.

It would have been heaven if selling to people was not so difficult. But unfortunately that’s not so.

It is simple though. All you need to do is get the right message in front of the right people at the right time. That’s all that’s there to it. With the link below you can get BuzzBundle discount at $50 discount from the normal price for Professional edition and $200 discount for Enterprise edition. The discount gets automatically applied. This is exclusive.

Here’s the link where you can buy Buzzbundle at a discount.

The discount applies to both Professional and Enterprise License.



Here’s how to get started

When you load up the software, the dashboard will show two options.

One asks you set up your profiles and other option lets you set the streams up.

buzzbundle first dashboard

  1. Add Streams

This option lets you set up feeds from Q&A sites, Forums, Review sites, video sites to name a few.

  1. Connect a profile

This option lets you add your social networking profiles to the tool.

The first thing that you need to do is set up your profiles.

For example if you provide the login details for the Twitter Account, the tool streams all relevant information into three tabs consisting of mentions, ME and the Home tab.

buzzbundle social media connect

On the other hand if you click the first option for selecting streams, you will be asked to add a few keywords.

Here I added Buzzbundle discount. Its the maximum possible discount available today.

Let’s see what happens.

buzzbundle streams

I get a few results from Facebook, Twitter feeds and also from video sharing sites.

If you get some irrelevant results that’s because the search terms/keywords were very broad in nature.

If you need relevant results try to be as specific as possible.

You can also choose from the drop down options to filter feed from only one kind of site.

This lets you choose either only blogs, or forums, or social networks, Q&A sites etc.

How to use BuzzBundle to automate the social media process?

Your dashboard will be full of results relevant to the keywords you started searching within a few minutes.

The great thing is you can respond to all these conversations from BuzzBundle alone and need not visit sites separately.

By scheduling and automating a lot of your posts and tweets, it saves you time.

Type in your name, create a username and email id for that persona which you will be using to promote say a particular blog, YouTube channel or anything else that needs promotion.

buzzbundle add persona

buzzbundle add email

Buzzbundle will also need access to the password of the email id you supplied to check and click on registration and other verification emails.

As said earlier, you can also add in social media profiles to this persona.

Once the social media profiles are added, you can go to the activities tab and also set up scheduled social media messages.
Once you have added keywords and the stream is set up you can hit the buzz button to get relevant results.


Set up proxies

Buzzbundle gives you the option to set up proxies. If you are researching a few keywords then proxies aren’t essential. But in case you use a lot of keywords then after some searches Google will force you to enter captchas.

To avoid such scenarios its best to use semi dedicated or dedicated proxies.


Monitor your competitors

You can also track conversations wherein your competitors are mentioned and jump into the conversation to add your insights and preferably your blog links.

This will give you relevant, interested audience ready to gobble up your content.


{15% off}Knownhost coupon September 2016 with review

There are many VPS providers available but the million dollar question is will you VPS actually support your site from going down in times of heavy traffic.

If you’d like a discount on the VPS plans then you can use this link and the coupon KH15LIFE.

Knownhost is one of the most well known VPS services around. They are known to be reliable, fast and provide great and consistent customer service.

With every package you order comes:

  • You get round the year 24 hour support, every single day of the week. 5/5 for the excellent support they always provide.
  • Knownhost VPS comes with the best uptime possible. Uptime refers to the time your host is down. If the host is down, so will your website be. Some hosts go down for hours on end but with Knownhost VPS you will have the best uptime.
  • 9% Service Level Agreement
  • If your website gets frequently attacked by bots then it could take your site down. Such attacks are known as DDOS attacks. However this VPS provides protection from that as well.
  • Free Backups & Free Migrations
  • Instant Provisioning
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • It comes with root access which is an administrator level log on, which lets you take complete control of the server allowing you to host multiple websites, install server wide applications, edit any file on the server etc. However, root access isn’t essential for everyday use or normal activities.
  • Operating system- CentOS
  • They also take free backups for you. So under any unforeseen circumstances you don’t stand to lose the data.
  • Server optimization resources

Let’s see what the VPS package provides. If you go for a plan from VPS level 2 onwards you get the following features:

For VPS level 2

  1. 16+ CPUs
  2. Guaranteed 2.25 GB RAM
  3. 75GB diskspace
  4. 600 GB Bandwidth

For VPS level 3 you get guaranteed 3GB RAM with 85 GB space on hard disk. At level 7 you get 8GB of RAM with 180 GB as hard disk space.

Here’s an overview of all the plans available so you can make a wise decision.


Do note that additional discounts are available when purchasing a quarterly or yearly plan.

All the VPS servers are located in the United States with three specific locations namely Texas, New Jersey and good ol’ California. It’s advisable to choose a location that’s nearest to you.

Facts about migration

If you are planning to move your site from another server to Knownhost then it can take one to two hours for the migration to complete.

They provide free migration and you will be required to provide the following details for the migration to take place.

  1. The C panel URL
  2. Login details to access the C Panel.

After the migration is done, it normally takes 24 hours for the nameservers to migrate to the new location.


Compared to any other VPS provider, Knownhost is priced affordably. With the coupon KH15LIFE you also stand to get 15% discount off for life.

How to use the discount coupon and buy a VPS package?

Select any of the packages available and click on order now. You will get this page once you do that.


Click on the option that says use a coupon code and you can enter the coupon there and then click on redeem coupon.

The discount will automatically get applied.


SEO powersuite discount and review

SEO power suite is a complete set of tools for website management, rank tracking, link acquisition and lot more.

If you buy the tools separately, it will set you down by over $1200. On the other hand SEO powersuite Professional edition which comes with four tools wiz Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO Spyglass and Link Assistant just costs $299. The Enterprise edition which gives a lot more functionality and power costs $699.

Here’s the link for the Professional License and here’s the one for the Enterprise License.

A desktop based software, this tool or set of tools stay true to their name in bringing a complete SEO solution that backs you at every step of the way.

There are four software tools that I will review here and these 4 form what is known as SEO powersuite.

  1. Rank Tracker
  2.  Website Auditor
  3.  SEO spyglass
  4.  LinkAssistant

Use Website Auditor for on page SEO optimization

On-page SEO is one of the most important factors when it comes to website optimization.

Backlinks and other off page SEO factors are only half the game. If you want your site to rank then you should also pay a lot of attention to on page SEO optimization.

To know where your website stands in terms of on page optimization, all you need to do is enter the site URL into website auditor and click enter. The image shown below falls under Site Structure.

website auditor

Next, you get a list of technical details with respect to the on page SEO of your site.

Some of the examples are number of broken links, missing meta descriptions, over optimization of anchors and so on.

You can check the keyword density to ensure that the site isn’t over-optimized.

Next you can move on to generating the website report, that lets you see each and every factor in detail.

That’s not the only factor that gets analyzed. There are many sections in the website audit, some of which are:

  • Content Analysis
  • Page Audit( which includes custom analysis of a page)
  • Content Auditor( that checks over-optimization for content or under optimization)
  • Keywords
  • Reports
  • Domain Strength Analysis

website auditor domain strenght

You can export the full site analysis report generated by the tool and can even whitelabel to include your company’s name and details with the Enterprise edition.

website auditor site full report

 Use Rank tracker to monitor SERP positions of keywords

Getting started is as easy as creating a new project and adding the keywords that you want to track.

The tool offers functionalities like:

  1. You can see keyword suggestions
  2. You can add keywords
  3. You can compare present rankings of the keywords with historic rankings. If you ever used SEMRUSH which is a cloud based subscription tool, you’d have noticed that they let you see historic rankings based on when the database was updated. But with this software you get to choose the date.
  4. Export all reports as PDF files.
  5. Identify easy to rank keywords. The difficulty score lets you analyze which keywords are easy to rank for.
  6. Schedule rank checks at specific intervals.
  7. If you are tracking a large number of sites then it’s possible that Google may block your IP temporarily. Instead you can use proxies( I like the semi dedicated ones from BuyProxies) to keep varying your IP and get all the work done without a hitch.
  8. Easily integrates with Google analytics
  9. Supports many languages
  10. Easy to read, data rich domain overview and other reports available.

When your enter the site URL and click you will be asked to either add the analytics account or Google adwords account.

After that you will be asked to enter a few keywords that you want to check the rankings for.rank tracker enter keywords

You can also select the search engines of your choice.

rank tracker search engines

rank tracker results

This is how the final report looks like

rank tracker final

Imagine the tool checking your ranking progress each and everyday, even when you sleep. This is automation at its best and puts out lot of headaches.

Check backlinks with SEO spyglass

Knowing where you stand against your competitors in terms of backlinks strength can help you build better backlinks and challenge your competition with much ease.

The better links you build, the better traffic and recognition you stand to get.

Not only does the tool help you with checking competitor backlinks, but also you can check your own links to see if any of them could potentially harm your own site.

If by manual check, it seems that some of them could damage the site’s rankings you could submit all such links to the Disavow tool. You can also try to manually remove them by contacting the respective webmasters.

You get a complete overview of the domain.

seo spyglass backlinks

You can view links by domains or the full links.

seo spyglass linking domains


You can apply the following filters to see the kind of links available:

  1. Referring links that bring traffic
  2. Directory links
  3. Blog links
  4. Home page links

The tool additionally shows which links pose the highest risk for a penalty.

Another powerful feature is that you can compare your competitors based on the backlinks and other metrics with SEO spyglass.

seo spyglass competitors

Do outreach with LinkAssistant

LinkAssistant is a nifty little tool that can be one of the most powerful arsenals in getting genuine high quality editorial links.

It helps you with outreach.

You can identify these opportunities in different ways.

For example, you can search sites for outreach by selecting the search by keywords option. Or you can provide a list of urls. You can choose sites that already link to you and contact them for more outreach opportunities.

Start by entering the website url.

After that on the dashboard that comes up click on the button that says Look for Prospects. You can find it on the top left hand corner.

link assistant look for prospects

Another option will pop-up with different options. You can choose the one that lines up with your current goal. You could select from the list that consists of—guest posting, reviews, commenting, forums, link submission forms, giveaways, link pages etc.

I chose Guest posting and the next dashboard that comes up asks me to enter keywords related to my niche.

link assistant enter keywords to search

Here’s the list of potential link partners or list of sites that let you guest post on their sites in that particular niche.

Please do note that this process may take sometime to complete.

I could find 311 potential guest post partners with my search.

link assistant link partners

Click on finish at the bottom and you will be led to a new dashboard listing all the link partners. There’s an email button located at roughly the center of the dashboard and if you click on that you can access the template through which you can send them emails.

You can change the template to your liking, include more aspects that personalize it and so on.

link assistant email partners


There are currently three different plans:

Forever Free edition – You can use the free edition as many times as you want. Its unlimited. However you won’t be able to either save or export any projects with the free version. The functionality is limited as well.

Professional ($299) – This option lets you work with unlimited websites. The functionality isn’t limited in any way. However you can’t export any report or data.

Enterprise ($699) –All  professional features are included along with export of data and report generation. This is great if you want to whitelabel reports and send them to clients.