[New November 2016] 50 off- Massive Buzzbundle discount and review

Buzzbundle is a clever social media management tool that can automate many things that will bring you additional business. It can help you present your message to the right audience. It can find out the people whom you should be talking to by scouring the depths of social media.

It’s simple to setup and once you’ve got the hang of it you will make it a part of your everyday life.

It’s often difficult for a new site to get traffic. Even if you keep posting great content, you might be blogging to an audience of crickets. Search engines take a lot of time to give you some love.

Your great content needs to be taken to the audience and that’s exactly what Buzzbundle does.

It would have been heaven if selling to people was not so difficult. But unfortunately that’s not so.

It is simple though. All you need to do is get the right message in front of the right people at the right time. That’s all that’s there to it. With the link below you can get BuzzBundle discount at $50 discount from the normal price for Professional edition and $200 discount for Enterprise edition. The discount gets automatically applied. This is exclusive.

Here’s the link where you can buy Buzzbundle at a discount.

The discount applies to both Professional and Enterprise License.



Here’s how to get started

When you load up the software, the dashboard will show two options.

One asks you set up your profiles and other option lets you set the streams up.

buzzbundle first dashboard

  1. Add Streams

This option lets you set up feeds from Q&A sites, Forums, Review sites, video sites to name a few.

  1. Connect a profile

This option lets you add your social networking profiles to the tool.

The first thing that you need to do is set up your profiles.

For example if you provide the login details for the Twitter Account, the tool streams all relevant information into three tabs consisting of mentions, ME and the Home tab.

buzzbundle social media connect

On the other hand if you click the first option for selecting streams, you will be asked to add a few keywords.

Here I added Buzzbundle discount. Its the maximum possible discount available today.

Let’s see what happens.

buzzbundle streams

I get a few results from Facebook, Twitter feeds and also from video sharing sites.

If you get some irrelevant results that’s because the search terms/keywords were very broad in nature.

If you need relevant results try to be as specific as possible.

You can also choose from the drop down options to filter feed from only one kind of site.

This lets you choose either only blogs, or forums, or social networks, Q&A sites etc.

How to use BuzzBundle to automate the social media process?

Your dashboard will be full of results relevant to the keywords you started searching within a few minutes.

The great thing is you can respond to all these conversations from BuzzBundle alone and need not visit sites separately.

By scheduling and automating a lot of your posts and tweets, it saves you time.

Type in your name, create a username and email id for that persona which you will be using to promote say a particular blog, YouTube channel or anything else that needs promotion.

buzzbundle add persona

buzzbundle add email

Buzzbundle will also need access to the password of the email id you supplied to check and click on registration and other verification emails.

As said earlier, you can also add in social media profiles to this persona.

Once the social media profiles are added, you can go to the activities tab and also set up scheduled social media messages.
Once you have added keywords and the stream is set up you can hit the buzz button to get relevant results.


Set up proxies

Buzzbundle gives you the option to set up proxies. If you are researching a few keywords then proxies aren’t essential. But in case you use a lot of keywords then after some searches Google will force you to enter captchas.

To avoid such scenarios its best to use semi dedicated or dedicated proxies.


Monitor your competitors

You can also track conversations wherein your competitors are mentioned and jump into the conversation to add your insights and preferably your blog links.

This will give you relevant, interested audience ready to gobble up your content.